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Velo Seats are Australian made and are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit most competitors' needs. Most models are now produced in an FIA-approved design, to comply with current and forthcoming motorsport rules and regulations.

Good seating is a must for driver safety and comfort. The Velo range is available in normal, wide and extra wide to suit your particular body shape and size.

The very popular Milano is ideal for
  • Rallying
  • Club Racing
  • Off Road and most other forms of motorsport.

For road cars, the ease of entry and exit is of paramount importance. Available in ADR or FIA designs and a huge range of colours.

The GP90 is a popular seat for
  • Circuit Racing
  • Off Road
  • Rallying
  • Road Cars and Club Sport

It suits larger framed persons and is available in ADR or FIA styles. Very economically priced. Used by many "name" drivers in all categories of motor sport.

This seat suits the professional motor racer. Its high lateral supports aid the driver's feedback on slicks and gives the maximum lateral support of any seat.

In FIA or ADR models, an optional helmet restraint As used by Glenn Seton is also available for the safety-conscious racer. 

Esprit III

This is a steel framed competition seat suitable for use with 4/5/6 pt racing harnesses.

The Spyder is ideal for classis and sports vehicles and has bottom mounting bolts for ease of fitment to seat runners.

The Spyder Retro is ideal for older Porsches and other classic vehicles. It is available trimmed or untrimmed.

Spyder Retro

The Velo 'Seven' seat is made specifically for use in clubman style sports cars, such as PRB Birkin, Elfin, Amaroo, etc.

It features side mounts and strong construction. It's ideal for both road and competition use.

Optional Head Restraint
The latest in safety aids for race car drivers. Fits onto the  seat to restrain helmet in severe lateral crash situations.

Alloy Seat Mounts   

Alloy Seat Mounts
Lightweight and strong, made of anodised extruded alloy for the ultimate in strength and style. Makes mounting far easier.

Esprit Glen Seton Racing Hi Lite G.P.-90

Phone Velo Seats on 08 8369 0055 for the name of your nearest Velo Seats outlet

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