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Leading Manufacturer of Disc Brake Rotors

The only Australian-owned maker of disc brake rotors and the brake industry's most awarded manufacturer.

DBA started out in the 1970s, producting a single type of disc on a standard workshop lathe. Since then the production facilities have expanded enormously and our inventory has positively exploded to cover rotors for over 600 different local and imported vehicles.

At DBA's heart is one of the worlds best after market component production facilities, located at Silverwater, Sydney, Australia.

The company now offers replacement rotors for an extensive range of vehicles and for those wanting the ultimate in high performance stopping power, we have launched the DBA Longlife Gold range of cross drilled and slotted rotors.

DBA has won the AAAA's prestigious "Manufacturer of the Year" award four times during the 1990s and has received six consecutive "Excellence in Engineering" awards. The DBA Longlife Gold range was named "Best New After Market Product 1997". The DBA Longlife Slotted range received the same award in 1999.

DBA Disc Brake Rotors are available for most popular:



Australia's Best sellling replacement rotor

This rotor offers safe and consistent stopping power when you need it most. Featuring a proven metal composition using premium grade materials, the dense metal matrix makes these rotors built to last!

Winner of the 1999 "AAAA Best New Aftermarket Product (Parts) Award

This ultra heavy-duty rotor offers additional durability and improved stopping power to police vehicles, taxis, ambulances, courier vans and 4WDs. Directional slotting (left and right), increases pad bite, reduces fade and delivers exceptional braking performance.

Winner of the 1997 "AAAA Best New Aftermarket

This is the finest street rotor on the market. Combining ultimate performance with an aggressive and purposeful appearance (particularly when fitted behind today's open-patterned alloy wheels). DBA Longlife Gold's cross-drilled and slotted features deliver the level of technology expected on high performance cars and exotic sports machines.


Good pedal feel and the ability to pull up over 2 tonnes of vehicle quickly and effectively make the DBA Longlife Slotted disc brake rotor the ideal way to improve the braking performance of the popular 4WDs.

This proven upgrade can enhance the safety of these heavy vehicles in all driving conditions - from dense city traffic, right through to snowy peaks and rough desert terrain.

The unique design of DBA Longlife Slotted - which includes directional slotting - also provides better brake pad life and will effectively clear water, dirt and grime from the braking system when driving in challenging conditions.

And the best news is that DBA Longlife Slotted rotors are available for most models of 4WDs, including LandCruisers, Pajero, Patrol, Prado, Range Rover, Jackaroo, Jeep etc.

As no other modifications are required, simply have a technician remove the old brake discs, fit the new rotors and - after the normal "bedding in" period - notice the performance gain.

Australia, one of the biggest markets in the world for 4WD vehicles, has provided a great testing ground with some of the toughest conditions found anywhere.

Equally tough taskmasters, Australian drivers use their 4WD vehicles for city and outback driving because of their formidable versatility and load-carrying ability. With road temperatures commonly in excess of 50 Celsius, these vehicles are expected to work hard all day, often while heavily laden.

With such demands placed upon it, the DBA Longlife Slotted rotor's composition of high strength alloy iron (with high thermal properties) provides tangible benefits: durability, reliability and the ability to stop without drama - time after time.

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