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The Brantz Laser 3 is the most sophisticated rally computer ever created. It features distance accuracy to three decimal places with totally clear intensity - adjustable 14mm red Light Emitting Displays showing six digit measurements via four digit windows. There are two independent stopwatches; fuel gauge to one decimal place in litres, speed, current, maximum and average; Time of day to one hundredth of a second; automatic stopwatch set-off and readout shut-down when parked; Infra-red wireless remote controls; driver's repeater monitor; data collection unit to store stage performance; Car performance checking by testing accelerations to 60/70/100/120 etc. A truly remarkable top-of-the-range instrument for World-class performers.

The Laser 3 has the following optional extras:

  • Radio remote control unit
  • Manual remote zero unit
  • Mounting kit

It works in any vehicle using a probe (sensor) or electronic interface.

These include:

  • Electronic interface (for digitally pulsed speedos)
  • Wheel probe
  • Japanese gearbox probe
  • Universal speedo cable probe

The Laser 3 is ideal for motorsport events, including:

  • Rallies (from club to international level)
  • "Bash" events
  • Safari and off-road events
  • 4WD navigational events

Other popular uses include:

  • Government Departments - to accurately measure any road distance
  • Emergency Services - to navigate with supreme accuracy and reliability
  • Road Survey Crews - to measure down to 1 metre intervals
  • 4WD Tour Operators - to ensure the safety of their clients in the outback and the bush

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